My interests lie in the areas of integration, education, justice and spiritual awareness.  I studied political science at the University of N.H. and then went to the University of Maine School of law where I focused on trial law and the philosophy of law. During law school I had a realization about the meaning of life that led me on a path to understand more deeply who we are and what our purpose is in the Kosmos ( that path continues to be my life focus today). Since then I’ve practiced as a public defender for 3 and half years representing indigent criminal defendants accused of a crime in NH. During that time I was accepted into the Trial Lawyer’s College in Dubois Wyoming learning from one of the greatest trial attorneys of all time Gerry Spence.


Spence’s approach of authenticity has been foundational in my career as an educator at Plymouth State University and beyond. After practicing law I left everything and went on a personal journey to deepen my understanding of SPIRIT. I most notably worked with teachers of Buddhsm and Toltec wisdom. After I returned from New Mexico I began teaching in the criminal justice department at Plymouth State University where I teach ethics and criminal procedure. I also began studying eastern and western philosophy through the lens of Integral philosopher Ken Wilber. Integral theory has been foundational to informing my scholarship and teachings.  In December of ’17 I began teaching a Spiritual Inquiry class at Satya Yoga Studio in Plymouth, NH. I offer personal one on one sessions and workshops that help us identify our deeper SELF and how to start live a life full of meaning. In addition, my friend Ian Halter (MA from Boston University in Film and Production) and I have started a podcast entitled “Wicked Discussion.” The point is to have civil discussions that are radically inclusive of all perspectives as we evaluate the wicked problems our world faces today.



University of New Hampshire, BA Political Science (1993)

University of Maine School of Law, J.D. (1997)

Gerry Spence’’s Trial Lawyer’s College, (1998)

National Criminal Defense Lawyer’s College (2000)

Spiral Dynamics Level 2 Certification (2005)



New England Regional Trial Law Competition champion (1997)

University of Maine School of Law Trial Lawyer’s Scholarship award

Plymouth State University Distinguished Teacher award (2014)