One of Dr. King’s most famous quotes states “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. We are caught in a in-escapable web of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever impacts one directly impacts us all indirectly.” When one unpacks that quote, Dr. King is pointing out the fact that we are all interconnected. This spiritual truth known by awakened individuals throughout history can be recognized by us all regardless of our level of spiritual wisdom.  We can see it just based on our own life experience that we are connected to others. There is nothing that we eat, or drink that doesn’t come from somewhere else. We don’t breathe without the oxygen generated from trees. We literally are brought to life through our mother’s. Yes we are all deeply connected to others, and that is a tremendously powerful fact of existence. Another way of looking at interconnection is comprehending the reality that we are never disconnected to other beings. The idea that we are disconnected is an illusion. Even our thought stream which we sometimes believe is our very own and therefore disconnected from others really isn’t. Your thought stream is completely impacted based on what you read, what you watch and who you interact with. This doesn’t mean we aren’t unique it just means we aren’t disconnected.

Now if I can simply recognize our interconnection I can also immediately realize that all my actions matter. Because everything I do has an impact on other beings because of our interconnection. The web of mutuality King described  stretches across the planet and beyond. Suddenly we can understand that there are no throwaway moments in terms of not having an impact on ourselves or others. This understanding instantly reframes how I see and relate to all beings. Before I contemplated this I knew that I had intrinsic worth but now I recognize that every other being does as well.. And if other beings have it then I can’t ever treat them as objects. I can never hurt another being through my words or actions if I realize our interconnection. This realization  deepens even further when I recognize interconnection just doesn’t go to others but also comes back to me. Thus, every single thing I do impacts us all.

So let us wake up to our interconnection. Which spontaneously motivates me   to treat all beings with compassion and respect. It also means it is time to treat our precious earth with kindness and awareness. When you wake up to our oneness,  your whole relationship with the universe changes from an attitude that focuses on the self to an attitude that recognizes we are one. When that happens, our hearts are full of love. Nothing is more rich, nothing is more meaningful. The only question is when are you going to  recognize that and start live from this place of absolute love? Mark