Listening to What Is

I’m sitting in my home office with the windows open listening to the melodies mother earth has to share. These sounds are constant but only noticed when the mind is quiet. The mind seeks to identify the sounds and put a name to it all. This separation is what keeps the mind trapped in an inescapable net of disconnection. Creating in the process the illusory wall of separation between all that is. When that understanding is undone then in those moments of clarity we see that there is nothing to do ever do, and nothing to ever grasp. The simplicity of the Now escapes us every time the mind wanders with the constant idea that we are not enough. Nothing could be further from the truth but we suffer incalculably because we buy the minds endless garbage. Recognizing our ONENESS with all that is, is as natural as a mother giving birth. Every moment offers us the serenity of quietude even in Times Square or Bombay. It’s not the place but it’s the recognition. The recognition of who you really are. When that happens the mind becomes a servant to our oneness with the melodies of the universe and not the dominator.

Mark, June 17, 2019