There are many facets to the universe we live in, and beyond.

Many different approaches and philosophies exist that give us a glimpse into the magnificence and complexity of all that we are a living part of.

My interests lie in the areas of integration, education, justice and spiritual awareness.  I studied political science at the University of N.H. and then went to the University of Maine School of law where I focused on trial law and the philosophy of law. During law school I had a realization about the meaning of life that led me on a path to understand more deeply who we are and what our purpose is in the Kosmos, that path continues to be my life focus today.

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My thoughts on current news and topics.

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Wicked discussion Podcasts

Ongoing discussion with my friend Ian Halter and guests about some of the wicked problems we face in society.

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I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics including integral education, integral law, the future of schooling, living a meaningful life and spiritually oriented topics. Each can be offered in a workshop, retreat format as well. I’ve been invited speaker in elementary school settings, high school settings, university settings, spiritual retreat centers, and the State Department to name a few.

I also offer one on one sessions for people seeking career insight, and deeper spiritual inquiry. My services aren’t of a life coach variety but work with you intensely to support your deeper directionality in service to the world.

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